Price List

General Prices 2016

We will not be beaten on price and will match any treatment plan if like for like.

All treatment costs are approximate and for guideline purposes only.

All necessary VHI, Laya and Irish Life forms completed with receipts free of charge.

Examination €45

Exam Child €35

Prescription 50

Dry Socket 60

Perio Cleaning child €50

PRSI Exam and Medical card Exam free of charge once yearly

PGT cleaning 100 per quadrant give PRSI reduction 42 if approved

PRSI Scale and Polish if approved €15

Child Exam under 16 years €40

Scale and Polish €85

Hygienist visit Scale and Polish €85 (30 minute appointment)

Digital X- rays

Small x-rays €10

Large OPG €50

Cone Beam CT Scan €175

Intra- oral photographs free of charge


Amalgam fillings- €130-€150

White fillings €135- €160


Routine from €140

Surgical from €195

Surgical Extraction use of periotomes and loupes Collagen placement €275

Sedation Nitrous Oxide Relative Analgesia (happy air) 175

IV Hypnovel Sedation with Dr Vinall €195

Root Canal Treatment (carried out under a Global Microscope)

Single canal €495

Molar Premolar 2/3 canals €850

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Root Canals and Implants

eligible for tax relief  at 20% with Med 2 form

Crowns €850 Zirconia With Admire 3Dental

Crowns Ceramometal €850 via Southern Cross

Post Core €250

Veneers €795

Implants surgical placement only excluding crown and abutment €1,250 with Ct scan included and post op radiographs.

Implant restoration €1250 screw or cement retained in Zirconia


Full denture €750

Partial acrylic denture €495-€795

Cobalt chrome partial denture €1250-€1500

Teeth Whitening €325 take home

Fissure Sealants €35 per tooth


Nightguard Splint from €200-€300

Hard Soft Acrylic Bite splint €300

Customised Sports mouthguard €120

Essix Retainer €120

Orthodontics In House Orthodontist

Fixed Appliances upper and lower €3950

Single Arch Fixed Appliance €2000

Clear Braces Invisalign Orthocaps Single arch €2500

Clear Braces Invisalign Orthocaps both arches €5000

All treatment costs are approximate and for guideline purposes only.

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